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One of three
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I'll be adding
One of three
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Arnold Schwarzenegger is the white foot markings. The protagonist is the black ones. The Blue are that of Bob L. Petersen who is pistol slapped but still gets up and is shot later. The Pink feet are that of a Police woman helping Arnold Schwarzenegger. This a poor JPG from my BMP.

I am the author and my name is Bob L. Petersen.

I don't think it was Joe Wing of the 26th ST Crew just maybe someone dress in a lambs wool coat in a chinese baker.

Given at this time I wish to honestly face someone that shadowy character came to mind. What could I have done. A doorway with a table accross the doorway on his side. Alase best try. I decided I might want to use this so I put it here now.

A wall is the left side of the doorway. I am left handed. I should have my best hand or fist ready. I need to get up on the table. I am going to need my legs to want to cross the table. I going to have to go for my left shoulder into the wall with the body coming around. Hook my left foot over the edge of the table and pull to keep my motion going. He does know if I am right or left handed. Keep right looking ready.

I turned for a second and he was gone. I went to look and there was NO ONE BACK THERE. I think it's jump back grab door frame to spin around. Hook heels to pull across if needed. Never surrender.

Maybe I should add getting back over the table when he pulls back and the thugs come forward.

How does one write.

The old Bob the evil Bob I find him useful.
Arnold Schwarzenegger is allowed silence as he moves about in California No frowns either. No I've seen Arnold Schwarzenegger. No frowns either. He deserves that. This is from and for that other would Arnold lives in. As with most in this world ready in one way to handle anything. But in others be careful we are going with you. Bob L. Petersen

Arnold Schwarzenegger One of the Last Action Heros

Need villian Ahh The old Bob the evil Bob. Bob is dead dead he's just a little crippled.

The old Bob the evil Bob and I killed him. Was a responce to you can't tell those stories or someone will try to out do them. Some of which of course seem to leads to one story. Others to other stories. If one group is playing it's way in with another and trying to silence someone that leads to a whole different version of Jack### the Movie. Who's turn now.

Intro To Bad Guy. 5 minutes. How business handled. Nothing thiough to do with why is bad. Just some idea of what else.

Phone Call Bank.

The neat thing

Warehouse walk. Stuff. House items coachs stands bedroom items beds vanity mirrors chest couple per type tables chairs ,,,,,, Small table two legs off.Wood lathe wood in lathe for table leg on perfect leg in front of wood in lathe. Several piece previous attempts, this is at the end of the furniture Cawl leg tall table little sign on it say Repaired needs dark stain. 8 foot by 8 foot section of wall with antique trim. Cut circlar door post tops. Plain not stained virigin wood. Set of planes for doing old baseboard door trim. ((My father had these and some samples. The tall baseboard use many planes laid out to be applied one after another. Worth a foture in the right hand and at the right age. Somebody's mouth will water! Besides mine!)) Counter sections tables booths like new very old Refrigarators stoves hoods fryer several three hole sinks grease trap all neatly organized Truck. A odd old bar and back bottle holder etc. Worth alot of money no large just very orinent. Back has three sections. 12 ft Total. Craved elephent heads at the ends and between the three mirrors. Something that grabs the eye. Is off in the corner. Worth alot of money no large just very orinent. Misc business and other.

I havve a story I have been working on with Arnold Schwarzenegger as a police who took time off the serve as adviser to the Mayor of the Fair City. No back out to be a smart sharp officer.

The bad guy is like me I supply the action etc. Has been a enfocrer with in the mob. His cover he uses in selling old bar and business fixtures on the Internet. He has used this to more around and find out things. His business has grown it has attracted to much attenton. You have one job you like and somebody's trying to kill you for your side work not knowing what you do. (I enjoy the Irony in this in the story I am writing in this screwed up life I have. He is crippled and I am too. I will use some of mine for this CHARACTER too.

Addition of grabbing business accounts

He gets beat to he should die there by morning. He still has his money he knows why. He needs to leave. He gets into his car. Drives way pulls a bottle from the glove box drinks serval swallows and runs the car in to the bottom of bridge. Unexpectedly! He goes to the hospital and than just leaves town to be with his family. Plan who doe he hate. He see the policeman being released by mayor's office from the hospital. time money Going to be alot like a before and after of Mickey Rourke. He chcks back on the business to transfer more money from business. He can't. arms up a little. $30,000. Gets to personal account. There was a typo on his ID he let slid and time.

I the worst way possible he is going to help the police catch his friend and make sure he feels like killing them.

He is bad so he can not do anything nice!!!!!!!!!!! You have to root for the good guy right?

He gets up behind Arnold Schwarzenegger's character and starts talking. He says something shocking Arnold Schwarzenegger's character spins around. Looks at him. He says something else. Arnold Schwarzenegger character makes a slow move he pulls open his coat and reveils a pair of 45 in the small of his waist. (Clint Eastwood as a kid of 140 pounds with a small waist that was all I figured I cold hide, but two. Nice cannon.) Arnold Schwarzenegger's character lunges at him throwing a punch. Here comes the series. His body reeling as he moves backward. His arms up and out trail. He reachs into his pocket and pulls out hands full of shells. Drops them in front of Arnold Schwarzenegger's character. Down goes Arnold Schwarzenegger. Around the corner goes the Bad. Lots of fire power. There will be a something big or crazy idiot.

(Gets to work haggered stirred up. None can believe. He is behind his desk wanting ????help????)

1 says Now what exactly happened. (Story seems far fetched)

Arnold's character pulls hand full of bullets out of pocket and drops them on desk.

He could have killed me but did't. Sharp dresser plain to ugly dark hair 6 foot 170 180. (This is just a repeat parts of the original description) Fast Sharp dresser 2 45 up in waist. clips in one pocket bullets in the other.

1 says Your right

(Pause) Anrold say Got to be gang but it's insane I am on anything important I don't know anything

(Coming out of station. Walking down sidewalk round cornere cut out cut back in block away Runs into a female officer at corner)

Arnold: Hello

Female: Hi Where you going?

Arnold: I just needed to get out a guy has been bothering me. So I am out. (Big Smile) Arnold: No problem

Female: How?

Arnold: Guns real werdo.

(There's a womans scream Hey Arnold looks over crowd see guy running)(Looks back at female)

Arnold: Watch just watch

(bends knees walking short) (People walking the other way look at him and move away little) (Swings arms like monkey and smiles Now there is only one path.)( He is trying not to laugh) (This has gone further than he had wanted it to) (He looks at female too strong a smile) ( He is trying not to laugh he shakes head no)

Arnold says quick: No, later

(Hears guy coming goes up on toes forward arn down at 45) (Purse snatcher about 5' 7".) (Arnold ends up spinning half around toward female.) (Now has other arm under the arm reaching back for his other arm)

(Waves one of the arms at officer.)

Arnold: Put a cuff on it.

(what way how) (guys feet are off ground) (female laughs)

Arnold: I am safe except for getting laughed at. Lock on outside for around the back.

(Cuff bring arm around his cuff)

Arnold: He is yours. (Girl puzzled you cuffed him) You cuffed him. Call out for the lady.

Female: Mam we have your purse.

Arnold: (booming) Quiet (Pause)(Reserved but loud) Thank You (Nod)

Female: Mam we have your purse.

(Anrold motions as with head and crowd talk comes back up.) (Arnold walks with hand around chain of cuffs)

Arnold: I noticed they thought I was a very sight and walked started veering away. They were smiling so I added to arm swinging monkey. (Head shake no) No but, oh well. Now he's going it's somebody else's decision. He was having such a fine day.

I'll hold the purse You go on and talk to the lady. Ask her describe it and for her information.

(Female comes back gets purse etc etc)

(New Bad Guy as said earlier looks a little alright alot different goes to watching the bad guy. Someone is up to something of course. Too many guys too many. All think there something. There not in with the fellows. Final fight. The idiots who don't know who they work for. Guns are coming out. There could be as many as 30 idiots. The guy who's "thugs" worked me over isn't with but. The guy who seems in charge did talk to him, on a corner. 30 second looked polite. Did or does he work for someone else.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is having his own problems. There are little more thug action a couple of gun fights and a few bodies. Bad guy recongizes one idiot.

(Second scene with female Arnold out for walk spots her down the street looks to be talking to three gentlemen in suits. She is parallel with side walk suit doing the talking is closest and has back half turned. While still in distance she backs up a step. Arnold head cocks to one side a little. Lead suit laughs. Arnold head back straight almost mean. Then a smile. He grabs pants pulls up on one side, sock now showing, and leans forward letting arms swing a little. Keeps smile. She looks studys a second then white eyed looks at lead. In the mean time number two follows female to look at Arnold sees idiot. Continues talking defending herself to him. Arnold looks like he is going to step a round, till he is right on top of them.

((They are violeting her person space. You know up close you really don't get a chance to checkout fit of someone's suit.))

Arnold steps into his personal space and straightens up and out. Looks at guy like he's bad bad puppy. They walk shookly off.

Female smiles and says Thank You

Arnold says I have been thinking about the fact they I won't work at under cover. I am always someone to watch out for. Thank You That is my closest attempt at under cover. I think it went well.

Female says: Aren't you doing my job?

Arnold says back: No I really enjoying the neighborhood.

I haven't done scene of Arnold at scene of punk problem they allow spacing things out plus some good scenes for Arnold's charactor. Punks tthough does make it difficult.

(Second fight slick street shoes. To much power to fight it out with really nothing but tricks old one's.)

((Off sided grab for thumb on outside under coat. Touchs blank on way up.) (OUT of SIGHT)

((Could Mohammad move the mountain. Bar fight. Grab arm. Highschool pushed down I slid he didn't move. I was still behind him.)) You can't do that. Yea but he can pull me back if he's made.

Bad says: It's to tell what someones doing.

(As he kness arnold hard in back of thigh. Push off as turns. Arnold sets for second shot. Bad leans forward for punch pull back down under off other arm. Arm accross waist fast ((cocks head grit and knees other thigh again as pushing off)) Shakes head breathing hard.)

(Arnold shifts to hook with down motion as charging. Bad tries spin step back but still gets taged stumbles a step turning falls. Face down only camera sees pain. Down to knees. Bad wildly looks up at Arnold.)

(Arnold goes to grab bad catches sleeve pulls down. Arnold moves arm down little as moves it sideways. half over bad lets go.)

(How is toying with who, who can try what?) (Thought both Thought)

((Arnold kick straight forward for head Bad leans back,,,,, from the side leans away One more straight on and Bad catches under arm with other arm for support. Other hand on top of arm just enough to lift him up to feet. As pulling foot down sweeps foot cross front. Turns Arnold around backwards.)

(Just launch into him hard. Boom Nothing though!!!!! He is shaken in pain.)(Arnold goes two steps and comes around.)

(((Arnold's now not going for the one punch. Bad back off the grab. Back pedal change directions. One even just out of reach forward. Bad appears tiring)) One move wrong?????? Arnold is open to move toward gun. Close. Bad streachs out to tag the bag of Arnold's thigh. Arnold leg doesn't come forward and down he goes. Arnold rolls to see what Bad is doing and his back has him screaming. He put foot up and just gets feet. Locks arms to side and "slides away fast".)

Bad still running away says at least over half angerly: Your alot faster now.

(One of my old lies from Arnold under breath: These Karati lessons are too expensive. Chucks smiles. I am ok. He does want me dead. He wants He half walkin((long pause)) slowly gets up. Looks at scuff or tear in pant leg looks where Bad ran off to.)

Back at the station.

(Officer looks at Arnold striding in and notices pant leg. As he is on he way to Blanks office. )

Arnold says It was a .. fight.

(Small groups start shifting that way.)

Arnold enters office and says: He hasn't gone away. He slip my gun out from behind. Throw it out on the sidewalk. And motioned come on. He started out toying with me. He didn't want to kill me. I .... He's up to something.

Officer in hall says: Well what did you do to him.

Arnold looks over shoulder says smiling: I think he hurt himself real bad.

(Stuned Huuuh)

Arnold says Either he hurt himself or something happened cause he went down like a rock. Got up busted up.

Blank asks What did he do to you?

Anold says: He kneed in the thigh here twice and when I went for the gun he kicked me there later when I went for the gun. I went down like a rock.

(Arnold spread fingers out over area to out line bump.

Blank laughs says: It looks has to be awhful. It's hermanus.

Arnold chucks says: That's OK everyones happy but him, right now.

Arnold after silence says: I throw a punch at him he back a little and grabbed sleeve of arm with both hands. Pull down and back. Pow he was half way behind my, kneeing me.

Blank says: That is different.

Arnold says: He had one other shot at it early and he just throw a shoulder into may back.

Blank says: Then what?

(Blank looks Arnold over stops at hands.

Blank says: Your knuck are red. Did you hit him? hearing it.

Arnold says: No, I just keep moving. Went like he was going do his first moves. Ahh I don't know maybe. That's probably from the hand pushing and pulling hand.

Blank says: I don't like just hearing it.

Arnold says: The question still is who is he or what.

Blank says: You're right. Stay close for a while. There is too much going on. Don't check anything out. Hand it off. ###################################################
(Scene day after fight meet female again scene out for a walk. Not seaching for launder Mat. Don't understand.)

(Female see him first little smile. Then notices slight limp and he is walking stiff. She is ....... something continues till he's real close. She starts to just say Hello)

Arnold says: I am supposed to stay in your area.

(Pause with her having a kind small oh I want to hear this.

Arnold says: That guy "Found me" and there was a fight he got my gun through it down and we went at it. I am fine he managed to kick me three times in the same spot. That's why the limp.

(Pause she still has that look.)

Arnold says: It seem he wanted to give me a work out or show me my weaknesses.

(Arnold smiles with a look of want on his face.)

Arnold says: How is your day going?

Female says: Mine is going just fine.

Arnold says: I'll be around.

(Arnold continues down street buy something and continues walking.)

(Talk about Arnold Schwarzenegger character on Television. ###### This is not work of any none group. ######)

(This is where he sees it could be put on him.)

Weekly hotel up scale

(Scream) Stupid Stupid (Absolute rage.) (Mickel Ironside)(Trying to calm down) It's not me! how Is it not me?

(laugh) Be yourself. Name drop. Be your old self your evil self.)

(His truck enters alley. The bar the whole stinking bar The truck drives off.)

(Walks off sees store make up and clowns. Cut to home. or just home. Comedy) (laugh) A worse nose (laugh) some what obvious worse nose (laugh Checking distance it looks bad at laugh)

(Say hello to my big freind) (Moving somewhat eratic then. Just past subway stairs down. Just past subway stairs down. Food is coming out of sack mess slight side step behind) Next meeting Arnold Schwarzenegger. This time can't you catch me. I want to here my name. Blank Blank I run Blank Blank Blank (Two a little in front together. Arnold Schwarzenegger's character catchs one and is left momentarily trying to stand her up straight. Down between two more Arms back push them together. Zig zag and push person toward street path the worng way. Eye checking out lady by street. Cut back with crowd to subway.3 steps. Subway coat off collar up old coat in front.)

Arnold Schwarzenegger and freinds go to business catch little guy. Bad Guy watches club activity increase, nobody hangs around. Rat Alot of nods. Rat The old cat in the bag in the river. This is going to blow!)

(The place perfect for a shotout. Street cafe 4 steps up. From the street the police can shot accross the area. He wants as many as possible. It's keep an eye on each other. Have a nice day. Boss is there. Spread out. Afraid someone will come up and talk to you. Sweat!) (anti-hero no people hurt thats perfect

(Three walls two small almost invisable at ends of side walls. 8 ft high. Service elvator dumb waiter bar at back.)

(Bad starts talking.)
(Bad goes for lapels but flips coat wide open and shows gun)
(Other guys grab for gun.)
(Bad grabs gun.)

Bad screams: Get down.

(In the sweep of his arm he plugs two walls high. If you did grab your gun. Just say shi_)
(Bad slams knuckles of hand with gun in it into face of face of guy next to him. One accross table he had best view and went first, fire accordingly. Two to go. All alreadying drawing cold.)

Later question why does he stand up. Only Blank ####
(Bad swings arm and body around and fires.)
(Misses heart at angle in though arm, shoulder socket and through blade. There is nothing he can do with it but he feels everything. Right down on it he goes. He was stepping that way.)(Wave fingers to crowd let arm flop around.) (He going to be a sheild to one of the idiot from another table)
((The Search For Bob))
(Quickly checks his side of room while pulling Billfold out of Bob's pocket)
((I had this in here before anyway)
(Guy laying behind him gets most of way up. Pulls out Glock)
Fast step and turn back gun following toward Blank Blank and other side of room)
(There he stands doesn't know a guy has been shot behind him or anything.)
(Bad freeses for an instant and says cop)
Bad says: cop
(Bang disblief on mans face Bang Bang Terror now grips his face. Yellow feet is now what he has. Down like a rock)
(Bad swings around low and moves past small table in the middle and opens fire.)
(The guy labeled 15 slips around corner but 8 and 9 firing while running go down.)
(Now is set to leave other side. Spots 14 and his gun. Bang Bang)
(Tips over table and reloads when he come out he has clips bullets down in his hands with guns)

(Bad slides over 4 ft round table tips it up. Down behind table. Shot is now bad heads on to camera on knees Bang thunk Bang thunk Bang thunk Bad looks to see holes above back. Camera at distance behind now. Figure seen at 40 ft distance. Bad raises up)

(Camera zoom past bad toward barrel of gun) Bad say Keep your shots up. (His looking at Arnold Schwarzenegger character and the barrel down fast Bang thunk) (shot is 3 inches lower than others)

(The last run to the around the side of a table toward street heading he opens fire low on the wall. Could get worse. Down. He would be about empty by the side enterence. Heading to round the second to the last row of tables on the side towards the bar he see female office in marble fire accross at the two that shot at him. Oh god! He hits the brakes and stops shoting for a second (( bad line time Was that blank or blank shots)) Up come to guns. Bang bang just as he is getting ready to turn around. The feeling that goes with is is very close to that of my hernia or achillies tear. Every muscle is pulling that suddenly give EVERY MUSCLE IS NOW SCREAMING it's the worse thing I ever felt. Pivot continues back around instinctively. hit edge of table. Throws out arm hooks over side of table with pistol butt. Slides to last two fingers around table edge. Down goes the table. Butt hits floor he falls over. A rain of bullets go through the table above him. (What happened hit or not well now he is done if he was alright) He starts to sit up with the gun still in his hand. Up now more shooting starts.)

(He will sit there till hears Arnold then his head will move around a little. ((Think dully oh where to start in all of this)) ((Lady has the same problem what to say. Hers in a way too long a story. Including I thought he was going to end up coming back.)) After the lady stands up and says That's what he said. He'll look the gun for a second or two and then flip it in front of his good side leg and kick it away. He is regrouping now. One chance.) ((To an actor that like seeing someone do what you want to do need to do and you think it's now all gone. He is all gone now too. Help him.))

(The two shooters stand up still firing. The first is the cloest to the side entrance. It takes Arnold character three shots to get a hit. The second the same except a little slower and he is down with the first shot. He falls on the guy who has been basically laying in the open between the two shooters. While maybe they'll hit him I'll just lay here. He starts screaming. Their dead, their stupid, I'm dead and I can't get mim off of me. Very distracting.)

(The three left in front still hearing the shots from the other two fire forward toward and through the table. Great question of war did he fall or was he shot. He'll get up. In war it is probably bad if you need him. curse curse Oh, he was already dead. Ouch! That would be one you'd never tell of.)

(I will take three shots to hit the first. The second he will pull down a little slower plus the second will start to look back. The third gets all the way to bring his gun toward Arnold.)

(Now comes Arnold Charactors walk through the cafe quick first fan accross. Then says please stay down. I want to search the area. If your injuried wave your hand. A lady stands at the only table next to the left wall.)(Arnold's Charactor faceon direction and looks at some people closely)

The lady says: Thats what that man said. Just stay down.

(She points at Bad.)(Arnold says nothing but doesnot like what he hears.)

I know he doesn't like bad people but just stay still now please.

(Arnold continues to scan the people. During this time you here the gun hit the floor and slide. He know who)

Arnold Charactor Says: Everyone here is good. Good people get scare bad people think about getting even crazy know there crazy that would hurt someone and if your not crazy. Your all scared. Go ahead relax a little get comfortable if you can, sit up if you what. They be here to interview in a minute or so. Don't panic when the cars all show up.

((I will be asked a question about two roomates who can't sleep in the same dorm room in the late 1980s.
I had made many coments about this idea on campus on to someone who teachs there.
The car is like that of what Joe Dirt family drives. A old Rambler Wagon. It has stalled out in the rain. I tell him it needs to have the distributor dried out. The distributor is at the back the motor. With the hood up the water poors right on it. License plate California 1978. Ah hell just come to my place and I'll take back here in the morning.
I gave him the ccoach in a one room apartment. We are about 5 foot apart. I laid down to go to sleep but my breathing rate went up. Hu. I then noticed his rate was up. His went up a little more stopped for second to observe mine. Mine was up a little more. His was now going really too fast. (Fear was the thought at that time. It seems still logical on might wake another if if what they hear doesn't wake them up. It had a possible use for us in the past Men more protection Woman more comfort companionship Comfort not Comfy no Comfort. Wake up look around go hummm Ah lie back down)
I said both of us are breathing fast and nervious. A phyco would breath fast he'd breath so he knows who the killer is. Now Calm Down And Go To Sleep.
That was enough I was upset and he could see it. Go to sleep. Next morning we went out and dried out his distributor. Off he went. Useful point number to who wakes up easiest huh. The doubles are going to come out.))

(He goes up to the table next to Bad and surveys the guys up there closely)

(He pulls out badge puts string around neck) (Breaths once.)

(Flips it over his shoulder and moves hand to back to see if the badge shows)

(Bad is holding side of stomach low near pelvus. Stomach in chest out. Face slightly red. Throws gun in front of other foot and kicks away. Gun hand out on round) (Camera shot now 45 degrees up as Arnold character closes in)

Arnold Schwarzenegger's character calls out: Come forward officer till you can see me.

(Female officer steps forward.)

Arnold Schwarzenegger's character: That's good just watch me.

(Time about 3 minutes or till lets all fall lose)

Arnold Schwarzenegger's character: Don't move

(Shollow breaths shollow laugh)

Bad says Blood is from stomach I'm ... not... (Shollow Breath)

Bad says You can learn alot (Shollow Breath) from watchin people die

(He has a blood spot around other leg galances down at it)(Shollow Breath)

It never seems(Shollow Breath)as bad as it is.(Shollow Breath)

That guy over there is (Shollow Breath) guard or something. (Shollow Breath)I thought it was you but, not a clue. (Shollow Breath) They ripped him from behind.(Shollow Breath)

Arnold Schwarzenegger's character says: This was Premeditated Murder How do ya figur (Shollow Breath)

Arnold Schwarzenegger's character says: Knee pads, action.

I am getting to old (Shollow Breath) All the time (Shollow Breath)

Arnold Schwarzenegger's character says: The point is mute.

Blank Blank hired me (Shollow Breath) to kill Blank Blank (Shollow Breath) (looks at gun he pushed out)and Blank Blank (looks around then in (Shollow Breath) disgust little head shake no than points with back of head) . They were out of control. (Shollow Breath) They were going in for more (Shollow Breath) for themselves. Two days after each (Shollow Breath) pay day. They were found

Arnold Schwarzenegger's character says: Enough. Rest

(Shollow Breath) Did I pick a nobody. (Shollow Breath) I socked in the face when it started and took it. (Shollow Breath) (Ha and really) Later he came at me with a gun. (Shollow Breath)

Still A place (Shollow Breath) some where Finding helper (Shollow Breath) that doesn't try to punk me. (Shollow Breath) crip. I was so good at that. Time plans.(Shollow Breath)

(Arm relaxes puddle grows face fades to white) (Down slowy down)

I thought you'd bug me by living, ah I hate you.

I will never like you. (A little Heat) Bob Petersen (Camera pulls back till small then fade to black credits start.)

(After major credits picture comes back Arnold character at press con.) Arnold says: Through an informat a cell of a gang was shut down. This group was going to pick a fight with some other group in a power play. Just expendable thugs. Idiots with guns. The informat was a gang enforcer who was supposed to be died. He'd been left for dead still cripple. He had a lot of really nice blank blank blank. It's going up for sale. He was quite proud of it. He sold and bought things all over town. He would have liked to go somewhere and just did that. Questions?

Was he really a enforcer?

I think he might have for the day. He shot Blank Blank third accross the cafe. A waiter he grabbed for his gun. Some else said he shot two at one table then just turned and fired. Blank Blank should have just laid down. By the way he'll have a love velvet leapord at his action. From there it's anybodies guess.

Why would you say that if he just wounded him?

((Bruce rounding third going for home. I looked at him and then threw. Never should have looked at him. Right between the shoulder blades at about 80 to 100 feet.
Think about that for a while. While you decide what you would like to do. What is in there decides the nature of your action.

Keep your eye on the ball while batting.

Good rule Here is the pitch inside the plate. No it's going to hit me in the stomach. It's curve ball like you would not bleieve. It's going toward almost my back.

I dropped on my back. I got up and he was still smiling. Next pitch. Right down the middle. He never straightened up. The ball went right where is head would be.

Slowly but surely he did what he must do. Just do IT.))

Arnold says: You (smile know him like I have seen him. Good Bad? Can't say #######. I would like to know that one myself. Truth?

How did he get his money?

He sold alot of what anybody needed or wanted. Alot people liked him. We called up people on his rolodex. One guy scared said I argued with him about price. Did you leave him for dead? I know that made him mad. His writing is normal for your information. No notes. He said that's why it bugs me.

They say he shot 16 men. Where were you?

There were still 7 crocks alive when we got there. The people there were happy. Bad Blank was happy. He was on the ground 4 seconds after we got there. Two police officers. What is your problem?



(Fade to Black)

I take a ploygraph on having said that except in Nebraska or Washington D.C.

It was said in Nebraska and D.C. too has played the doubt game to death.
And Candice La Mae Petersen is dead.

I have more than my doubts too.

D.C. is great not the Capital D.C. there all Federal Judges and should get to take from everyone who commits a crime.

"You should have to consider we are saving you.

P.S. or B.S. What happens if the first robber didn't work.

You must now empower us we didn't think of that the first time.

Both Lincoln and D.C. like how can we pay you if we're not seen as good.

You were a crock and in the end your found one more way not to say.

I wasn't a stupid crock.

Who stole from something in your words sweet.

No one says that they just act like they might have.

It is now long past the time to say you cared about truth.

Let the world run stupid till you can't make the mistake or be the crock.

The Kangaroo want to say that his Kangaroo court looks like what I said. Now still. Lets see said rhyme with dead and rhymes with ill. Still the same they need to be allow to be just short of ill.

I will in two way finish out like James Mason. My back will be half busted and I WILL STILL BE IN THE SHIP EVEN IF ALL IS GOING DOWN.

Forbidden Planet David Bell stay away One OH MY GOD Please