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Oct 7 2008
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I'll be adding
One of three
old scripts
I'll be adding
One of three
old scripts
I'll be adding
Sean Connery
Back In
James Bond
Daniel Craig

It's about writing lyrics & verse
Using Conquistador By Procol Harum
One VAMPIRE Or Lighter Shade Of Pale joke & I'm .....
That is why I'm using Conquistador
Bob L. Petersen
Bob L. Petersen

The poem on how I came to be able to somethings to verse
is below this imformation about one of my little looks at
something or projects.

Conquistador Don Quixote different age different place
Any author trying to write one or look like the other
In it may be parts of things not used. Bad?
No! Like Conquistador the idea is to live

Conquistador by poco harem is the song

Someone watching one man fighting a throng

He has to leave he can't fight

His feeling on this are a fright

I'm trying to figure the all whys

For him trying to say his goodbyes

From Conquistador how much do I know

Then from there how could it grow

When one writes not everything stays in

It's about choosing from what you pen ##### also

Conquistador as the doom begins to fall

And there is snow upon it all

Even if he last the hole day

We will able to find your way

Someone else will get you not me

Someone else chasing is what I see

If we stay we may kill you

But looking for you sweep right through

But of yours only you may die

Or then not so important say goodbye

They are as mad as we are

I see by their way a far

Or did you just bring them here

Now we have them also to fear

And I can see no way to unwind

Who is the author in the song

Is he Conquistador or amoung the throng

Who plays to leave in the night

Thinking about it this ways a deilght

And I can see no way to unwind

It's a story flavor by his mind

He was once one in the throng

Who listened to write a better song

Could he have something like to regret

It's his swan song the stage set

Whether planned or not it happened here

And though he came not to cheer

I wanted to name my car Conquistador

Made with parts from my father's Matador

I would've let anybody have ride

I would know what you would hide

And I can see no way to unwind

If the story does come from me

Conquistador Don Quixote

I've wrote a 007 James Bond that would star a very old Sean Connery whose charater James Bond is alittle the Conquistador and Don Quixote. It's the first where I really don't believe Nobody could do it better.

Nonsense Mr. Bond

The first script character half insane because of seeing LA leveled.

The second scripts main character is trying to handle coming back near to where he was at the top.

The third scripts main character discovers he must live or die. He has had a heart attack. He's trying to recover. His heart will only try so hard. He meet a girl. Hearts race don't they. Hmmm. What will happen?

The people in this city and the girl bother tried to steal the previous story. If they wish to acknowledge that they can have a sweet story which has nothing to do with how they are.

The girl too.

The nexts lead is Arnold Schwarzenegger I am a beat up left for dead exhit man. I have a very insane Idea I want use Arnold Schwarzenegger character kill those that left me for dead.

Ever want to be almost bad. That is this guy. He dies.

Sean Connery is James Bond in this one at somewhere between 60 and 80. Someone still knows he's ALIVE. Is he just bait?

Conquistador Don Quixote

Bob L. Petersen

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Conquistador By Procol Harum It's about writing lyrics & verse One VAMPIRE Or Lighter Shade Of Pale joke & I'm .....
Bob L. Petersen