The James Bond And Ernst Blofeld By The Bob Pendragon Method Bob L. Petersen
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One of three
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One of three
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Let Die And Live

The Return Of Ernst Stavro Blofeld

Oh Maybe, If You Please, Mr. Bond

Ernst Stavro Blofeld By The Bob Pendragon Method

Four From My Eye My Ca My Dog Dick's Dog All My Squirrels All My notes on them. A man telling a fishy story and his dog. Be glad to see you in court.

And of course James Bond throwing Ernst Stavro Blofeld Cat. Last but not least all three of our scares.

If you Please.

The Cat that comes to me and how I call it. Do I know what makes you happy.

I already have old friend and Stupid or do I have just Stupids or are You able to think. are we all able to thimk.

Such great Control Mr. Bond. only sometimes too too sure.

Can't you see me here again James, James Bond.

Possible Bond girl Bond tries beging off Bob Style AWKWARDLY

I'm just getting old and fat enjoying life. Etc

That's alright we could stand any closer closer anyway. ?ETC

Sorry, You seem so sweet I didn't realise what I was listening to. I I

Eyes roll I'm sorry and not at all but I just starting new ?job? and it's all aman could want. What you know is am already happy.

The original locomtive runnning over me and the car wreck that left me unable to hold my owe head up till me he can and likes it to much it's a huge dare right here and now. Huge dare Huge dare they kill people, Gold Finger. No one chances side unless. All has to continue.)

(What is around me now says why would anyone want to see this after this. They are not happy to see anyone get anything without screwing with them. There history is full of such things. What can they wish for themselves know how they feel. They Will always just continue to have to wreck other thing and say It's all good. I have said I will love again but not on this planet. I know how to do it floating so her head won't bump into anything. Mean while mine of course can still bang into anything. Now ask my ex-wife about that and after the death of my child use anything as an excuse. Pay anyone else youself. It's $50B for you to show up. $!B for each state your screwing with. See what I mean. That was the Sunday before you moved in on the cripple you needed dead. I will think of everything. Who are you. Walk off before we can talking to me. Ask megs whether you really can in front of everyone. Would I fail again most probably. Would it take forever like your ideas take still being reuquiering like you have to that this is all for everyones good. Come closer please. I want to give you some more HEAT. Tak come on, Talk. I won't see that face again or......... What do you think he will do...... )

I'm happy where ever I am. I can find my happy maybe too happy even. If it stops there I may have stoked here arms an let may head go where I can go. If nothing I will just from there walk away. Not get mad just walk back.

Just stay right there in my head and then change the subject back to what it may have been. It seem so easy anyone should be able to do it.

Again I can only do just that.

I think the world could be coming down around me than and would just go on. That's all I ever want to happen.

That lsat part sound a little fishy.

That is how it must be when it all is.


(Explain to all of them follow him you won't find him with anyone. He will only do it then. It's somethingabout something from somewhere long ago. He can't clear his head if he doesn't. He just enjoys what he can. I knoww here he is all the time. It happens it happens.)

Sorry I've got to go I'm going to be way off as it is.(Still wire tight breathing deep walking at speed he stroked her arms.) What a place to try that in a room full of kids.

(I had to^I have to) I owed so much to so many. (That's the joke)

Well I can get to there. Can I

I haven't seen that in years. RTC

I finnished it's old last scene. I'm not done up till there but that scene has it's problems to be worked out. I like problems. I want a career member of SPECTRE as Earnst Problmy was for the head of this operation. I leaning toward the 1960s James Bond movies. The top he believes man. He was just muscle back then. Great choice for some old JAWS. His at least half vanity is to beat up Mr. James Bond. What is Sean Connery's James Bond been doing. Who can he hide who he is. All these questions come to play for this fight scene that James Bond might win. He has to be out matched or it's too easy. How to win then. What will make sense.

From somewhere in one of the early Bond movies a then thug.

A Big Old Stone Headed Horse of a Man. Age 65 -75 6' 4" 5" in loathers. 220 - 240 pounds lean. An exbeach bum who worked out is fine. A braggert. With this one I decided to go for an old line up. A bonus check for retirement. Anything but sloppy.

I said Bond had done nothing by eliminating his men. He more or less didn't like having them around Enter the old Casino Royale these little agent or mostly just eyes. Gangs do have them if you'd like to know where I'll tell you, one.

Is the best of course.

I am on Sabbatical the work now is not exciting. I have taken off on other subjects for release. Yes I know Sabbaticals within a Sabbatical.. James Bond started as it is writen here on a forum. This one would star Sean Connery at any age from 55 to his present age now. I am going to continue it here. The forum shut down. The original Title was to be Live and Let It FLY. You know that is what I'm doing.

The first scene started as a slam on how people act like Bond super villians. I then decided to make a script of it. He is as they are just a minor part of a big show.

Welcome to Write Club there be notes alone the way.

Bob L. Petersen

James Bond Title Live and Let it fly

Every old Bond movie has it's really focused yet. And the villian telling him how on top of everything he.

Here is an intro to a Bond movie. Bond is caught off guard as usual.

James Bond has been to M and Q and seen Money Penny. He is now looking right in London for a man a few people have spoken about is up to something.

He claims to have many people working for him. He is never seen as the same man and his voice is always different.

One person seemed shocked when speaking to when of their agents. When why he said it was the way you said Aaah. That's the way he said it. It doesn't match. I remembered that from then. Ability plus a certain amount of practice at skills means this is real enough.

(Out for another walk trying to look like someone the man would want or need.)

(James Bond has walked through what they believe to be the prime area and out the other side. He decides to cut through and alley and go back through the on the next block.)

(Almost out of the alley at the other end, a man steps out from behind a dumpster.)

WHO says: Good evening Mr. Bond.

(He has a German hand gun. Waves his hand and points and the ground.)

WHO says: Your gun Mr. Bond.

(Bond pulls out his beretta by the butt and flips it out a little ways on to a piece of carboard. Gun bounces one too many times and does it once off the cardboard.)

(Small look of disgust one Bonds face as he look back toward the man.)

(The man introduces himself proudly.)

He says: Earnst Probmy

WHO says: I have recuited agents all over England to act on my behalf to bring the country to it's knees. They all know how they will profit from ours actions.

Waves hand at Bond to back up down the ally. James Bond starts to back done the alley as the man continues.

None of them know who they are. None can be caught. None will do anything until I call them on this cell phone with it's special coded message. And I commit the first act. A capital crime.

That's insane you'll never get away with this.

The man confidently looks at Mr. Bond then starts to bend down to pick up the gun.

On that cell phone. (Bonds heads screeming and his face shows it.)

WHO says: Yes Mr. Bond this cell phone.

(Right in the middle Bond expression changes. To ooh The man is about standing up straight again.)

As Bond says: take no action tell you....

Aaah Yes Yes mister Bond.

(He looks at Mr. Bond to see him holding a 45 cal.)

(The stunted mans mouth opens.)

Bond says You said Mr. Bond your gun I gave you Mr. Bonds gun.

Bond says: I still had the gun the idiot liked.

The tries to pull the gun up.

Bang Mr. Bond fires.

(The man falls)

(The cell phone is laying out in the street.)

(Mr. Bond puts finger to lip then waves finger around a couple times and then points it at the cell phone.)

(Then quickly stomps on the cell phone.)

There nothing can go wrong done in one try.

Just alittle opener.

Never Say Hello James Bond Sean Connery

(That was great I like the scene. What now where heck who what where or when.)

(That is what is important yet not when writing.)

(Back to M in the office lets get Sean Connery in it.)

Sean enters says: What is going on here they called me in to go over something in records. I went there and they said I need to speak to you.

M says: I need you to....

Bond cuts him off: I'm over 70

M both hands motioning repeatedly down: I know I know

M continues: There's a guy who trying to use older gentleman. One something here in the city. He's a makeup artist and I think he could spot someone in made up. He like guns also.

(He's talks about doing..)

(We got him in the office once.)

(He's going to live to Sean Connery and be Sean Connery debriefed.)

What next?

Nosing in or needed?

(Q on the trip back in about the busted cell phone equipment.)

Here is the 45 it's ok

Q comment: Well the 45 looks to be ok

Bond says: Alot better then my Beretta.

((Lets break something else.))

(An automatic phone with mic. Out it comes the phone no mic)

Q comment: The wire to the mic Wheres the

Bond says: It got caught on that Cannon you gave me for a gun.

I hate those I don't need that big

((Maybe later we'll break something else.))

Bob L. Petersen

Never say Hello

Never Start talking

James Bond Let It Fly And Live or Never Say Hello Sean Connery

James Bond Fitting in to suit

M says: The guy was real. Like most Bond Villians a bit much. Now he is on the ground. Who is he from where and who.

The master crimmial organization Blank. If he was from them then what is the rest of the movie to be about?

((Back to M's office the start we won't be out of here for several posts. I'm going to leave this one for now as done.))

Why write and maybe waste a possible script. I have 4 as a cripple in one way or another. Write.

M says: He made you didn't he.

Bond says: I got him right at contact.

M says: He made you didn't he answer me.

(Bond can't say anything.)

M says: We never ask somethings because you make it back. but that laser table. Accidents like that don't happen. There's always been more large gaps in time.

M says: Ok did he call out your name.

Bond says: yes

M says: He should have it seems he was at least a member of Blank. Here he is after the mission you were on in Blank in the back ground. Here he is after your mission in Blank. Isn't this lady remarkable. She has a thing for faces.

Bond says What does she think of mine?

M says She said oh my he looks so sweet now.

Bond regroup says: What else do we know.

M says: He kind of appeared here about 4 years ago. He had to have been a memeber but he had a business and has always been here. Thats just it though it's so visiable. He has to be there so the front door can be opened and locked.

Bond says: Then he hasn't been watching ... in the day time at least.

((This goes in either here or in the last meeting.))

M says: We sent out two other agents to try and make contact with him.


I have been playing off of the laser table scene aready and

I am leaning to it being important. I think you like this.

Here is your clue. The best of the best of the best.


Does he make it out of the building before they find out something.

Bob L. Petersen

James Bond Live and let fly M says Look I am sorry

James Bond says You wanted to see me.

M says: Look I am sorry. You did handle that so well. You were on a part of some information we recovered.
You were to be killed.
He was very happy.
That person has been avoiding people trying to force him to sell his business. It has to be true.
You are brash your clam can be irritating at times.

(Bond gets a big what look on his face for him. Where is this going.)

M says: James for that reason I need you.

I need you there and moving around a few people. We'll have other agents watching who's watching you. You won't know who they are.

James Bond: It's big then.

M says: I wish I still thought he was a nut.

I wish I did think blank was behind it.

The more I thought about our last talk the more I knew they have had a problem with you.

He wanted you dead. Your going to be right there in front of them.

I think you might draw someone big in the organization out.

James Bond says: (I don't have his exact response yet.


Bob L. Petersen

Part of back to see Q James Bond Let him fly

Q says: M explained to me what you were going to be doing. I thought about it and this is what I came up with. Don't break this. I want you to keep it.

(Bonds look shift back and forth throught the above. smicking kind of OK)

Q says: I got something for a blackberry I think you'll like.

Bond says: I won't know what to do with it.

Q says: I don't like it either I didn't make it. It's to hide one of those silly little guns you like. That can now check for metal while walking by you. You need this in front of your little gun.

(Bond smiles. Q holds up the holder holster. Bond frowns.)

Q says: Your gun sets right down in here when and if you need it you slide this and your gun comes up like this.

Remember you can't go through a metal detector with this. You have to remember that. The holster can though.

Put it on when you get the time and try till you feel it's ok. I think your going to need it.

(Bond quite dosen't know what to think this.)

Bond says: thank you

Bob L. Petersen

James Bond Double Oh Seven certain arrogance Where

((I had planned that they were going to use multiple agent on this VERY IMPORTANT MISSION. This thought to me.))

((James Bond Double Oh Seven That certain arrogance.))

((Where I have not figured exactly but after the last going over it during.))

(James Bond is walking down the nearly empty street. There a man walking up the side coming toward him young dashing sharp. Everything but James Bonds little smile.)

(His mouth actually is just a little open and as he passes without his lips moving.)

Double Oh Seven says: Your the seven now on this one.

No I'm not suppose to do this

(James Bond Just a little lost for a second. Lips move toward the shape of NOW That little smile comes up a little more.)

Bob L. Petersen

The are rules to my Right Cub because of possibity of a fight

The are rules to my Right Cub because of possibity of a fight. Let me explain everything must be true. And only in one case of have I used something not done by me.

No fights in write club.

That case I mentioned evolved using something my exwife did. It was in my script titles trapeze. I didn't want use anything from me fighting in there and yet I needed it to be just below the surface.

She had originally taken care of a problem and she did it in the story again.

Here is where I again want to say my storys will all be true.

We got close to being Mr. and Mrs. Smith. She got made and started to go for it. It was then that I realized how fast she was. She had just a slight advantage in possible of fist. I may by accident have told her.

She went for it. She hit a section of the abs. Yes, about the size of her little daring fist. It was like getting hit with the end of a broom handle.

For the sake of writing what happens than.

You end up having to bend over.

Your face is going to be real close maybe even dare I say AN EASY TARGET.

I said to my self I have to stop this here and now.

I quickly looped one end to the outside in the falk. Right passed her very well positioned arms. She could have put on up.

It took up the whole outside of her stomach

We are now both bent over. Trying to breath.

Never do that again. I said.

I titled that for all time 0-?-1

I weeks later am kneeling down a punk taller skinner and under age starts mouthing off at me. She comes up behind him and is listen. He says you want to straighten me out lets go outside and you can.

This is beaitiful. Because I taught her something and she used it. When startind a lawn mower use you back not you arm. I showed her.

She put on foot forward reached out with her straightened arm and pulled him around. Up came her little fist lighting fast. AND HE AND I KNEW HE WAS GOING TO GET NAILED.

I titled that for all time 1-?-1. She was so proud but still SWEET.

There was never another punch.

Welcome Write Club. Alright there maybe one more fight with my exwife.

Bob L. Petersen

I liked Double OH seven Let it fly James Bond

James Bond

((I liked Double OH seven Let it fly. I like what I let him do. So one more time and grow it from there.))

((I am thinking about giving him back his real name. Why. This story would be setup to be his last. But I would need a good name.))

Scene 1 of series

(Another street another day.)

(James Bond is walking down the street. This is not a time to exchange galances.)

(As they pass each other.)

OH says Nice Blackberry.

(Slight eye roll by James Bond. Then deep breath thinking. Down the side walk.)

Scene 2 of series


((This is not the next scene. This one just follows the chain with OH in it.))

((This is not the introduction of this charactor who has been bother James.))

(The three charactors are at a corner.)

(James has his Blackberry out. He tries to put it his coat three times. How stupid I carry mine down here now. The other two glance at him. OH starts to look away first then stops. Stupid continues to turn back. James pulls out hand like a pistol. Straightens coat gives a half glance and frown at Stupid.)

Scene 3 of series

(James at an outside table. Blank is walking down the other side.)

(There is a stocky man about one and a half steps behind Stupid. Do remember watching they won't know his name.) (That frown again on James face. Just about to round the corner and man steps around from the other side Blank stops.)

Stupid says: Stupid. ( Look for him in credits yep that's right.)

(The man behind him pushes his hand in reversing the shoulder of the sleeve. At that time he pushes his thumbs into Stupids back. Stupid's arms go up and out a as the stocky man pushes harder.)

James start to smile while saying: Oh then says by god that man's being muged.

(The second agent pulled the gun from Stupid's sholder holster. And then his badge.)

James says: smiling Oh he was the Crock.

(Looking around)

Scene part of 4 of this series

Great says: I planned Mr Bond not to have any of my lessors left or you.

((That then allows the early action.))

Bob L. Petersen

James Bond Disreguarded grab. View to a kick

((James Bond Disreguarded grab.))

((James hasn't yet showed himself fully. He has been just touching bases with people to see what happens. Others have well.))

(A wrong turn again on a side street. Should not have been trouble. I want to set this up to be no violence shown or with violence shown.))

(Blank 2 pulls his gun and smiles. Indicates just stand there. He then turns and looks back down the street. James frowns. Blank 2 turns back around to see him look only very slightly upset. A series of exchanges envolve whose in charge small he's just bing a dick. 20 seconds. James is playing it down.)

(Blank 2 turns again James throws a punch with all his might. Blank 2 is half turned and bent over. James is grasping his arm to his chest. He has a pinched nreve in his wirst. His head is screaming in pain. He has taken one step toward the street. He unleaches a kick.)

((I want the look on James face to be Jesus. Still holding arm. Starts to flex his fingers.))

James says I think I'll count that one. Calls leaves body.

I don't know if the followng will figure.

Body gone there was a car coming.

Bob L. Petersen

The rules to Write Club Remember I said what should

James Bond Write Club

The rules to Write club Remember I said what should happen next. From the paragraph. About my exwife you'll find the last fight. Only it will have a surprising kick. I had pages posted in 2005 envolving methods of writing.

Most people think in terms of knocking a audence out but what do you do for the next hour and a half. Things go wrong. There are mistakes.

That is what is so good about James Bond. There is at least one mistake.

You decide the plot that has it's mistakes. I like James Bond but if he has a problem I give him I want him to over come it.

(What should happen next.)

Bond says: Oh he's being mugged. Almost out of character. Why because he wanted him gone. That should be at a busy place. It should spead at least a little.

Write Club

Bob L. Petersen

Never Look Anywhere Near Where You Don't Want To Go

James Bond I wanted to leave the ending untold. But I went into that room and I wrote of a fight. The two together brought out something I would like to give James Bond and a little more. I'll tell you at the end the little more.

James bond or Sean Connery deserves it.

(The room 3 doors 2 at the back on each side of a large ?painting etc and the main door. The big guys desk sets in fron of course. The fight with the leader would have been easy except some idiot shows up. And the leader gets back up.)

((The scene with the leader of SPECTRE. He has been in SPECTRE for a long time. He was just muscle to use(He is not muscle bound but he is large with a full frame.) and maybe to talk to he learned most of what he knows just by being around. It at least appears that he is at the top unlike Earnst. He is going to rattle on about how he grew through the year and has followed Bond fouling things up. He'll say one thing I know is if you want James Bond dead do it with your own two hands. Here comes the fight. Almost standard boxing. But Bond is not the same James Bond. And this guy is on one to play tag with.))

(ECTRE steps out takes his stance.)

(Bond takes a little kind of Hmmm breath out. A measured here I go again. Bond only brings his arms up half way.)
((First through to the talking and then the second time through showing it chancy at the start. Now the third time throught after ECTRE says you'll soon tire Mr. Bond. You fight as you want till you must. One mistake leads to....I let my mind run through that exchange between Bond and ECTRE below it I'm now going to add the finer points that happened. ie What put them where they were. Not knowing what the other was going to do impacted the outcome.))

(First one ECTRE fires off Bond bails out backwards. ECTRE smiles pulls head down and goes after Bond. He is stalking him. ECTRE throws a punch with not as much on it. Bond blocks with up and out sweep. But the power punch is coming. He steps through following the motion his block gave him. Out of range really. ECTRE is now in pursuit. Bond now knows ECTRE speed and his strength. He will not be there.

(About 30 seconds into the fight ECTRE says: What are you doing your not fighting. Like a man Mr. Bond.)

Bond says: I'm a professor of poetry specializing in Blank Blank Period. (still my dodging) I found it fasinating and I well I studied it. (still my dodging) I needed never to be seen. (still my dodging) My mouth though does what it likes. (still my dodging) Does it look like just a reaction to it. (still my dodging)

(ECTRE is getting mad.)

Bond says: I said I have a problem with my mouth.

(Bond turns him harder and then pounds his lat under that arm. ECTRE just swings his arm back around but Bond was still using it as the push off for moving back out.)

ECTRE says: You'll soon tire Mr. Bond.

(ECTRE still in pursuit. He is now just throwing punchs out for about 15 seconds. ECTRE is keeping Bond moving. ECTRE throws out his lead halfway then steps through with his power hand. ECTRE just wanted to hit him hard. Bond moved and now at impact they are close and getting closer. The blow is to Bonds chest. If ECTRE had known he would have went for the face. That is the look on ECTRE face.)
((Bond breaks the rules of boxing with one of my favorites and brings his elbow around.))
(ECTRE takes a hard blow to the head he had not expected. Bond is unable to close on ECTRE before he comes back around. ECTRE is stareing stone faced. Bond half moving arms around to loosen up, half to show he can.)
((Bond was shift to move to the side and back with the impact from ECTRE's punch no punch he just moved side ways. ECTRE ended up stepping almost right into him. Bond saw the first punch wasn't coming then the start of the second. ECTRE head was just set to drill BOND til the moment was wasted. Bond early sense that he was heading for trouble allowed the in close move. New move what now? Blow strikes ECTRE just below the ear. The neck is strained and the brain screams danger. One never really gets hit than hard in that place for one to bridge that moment. Shame? SHAKEN BUT ANGRY.))

ECTRE says: Pitty you can't do that on the outside, Mr. Bond. (SMILE COMES OUT.) This would be more fun.

(ECTRE approaches Bond again the swing 1 then 2 moving Bond around the room)

ECTRE says: Come on Mr. Bond.

(still my dodging)

((MSGT Bobby Gibson ran always but never was thin. I never was thin I carried what I was comfortable carrying.))

Bond says: We are what we must be. (still my dodging) I was what I was thin yet strong. (still my dodging) I am now what you see. (still my dodging) I can not change it. (still my dodging) I must do what I do (still my dodging) or it would be worse. (still my dodging) You base your chances on me. (still my dodging) You only know what you can see. (still my dodging) I still watching to see if I'm right. (still my dodging ECTRE looks at Bond over his hands.) (still my dodging) You should pick it up. (still my dodging) I jog 3 Kilometers a day. (ECTRE now is enraged. Still my dodging) I am as I want to be. (STIll dodging but ECTRE is has removed the margin.)

(( This is the wrong time for ECTRE to go after Bond but it is the time he must. It is the time for Bond to make his move. And according to my idea for the ending this chance will be interupted.))

(This is very heckic 20 seconds of hard driving at him. But empty after 13 punches.)

The back door on their side opens and a ?man? 160lbs.?enters.

?man? Says Ectre wh

(Mean while on the 14 Bond brings both arms to one side and sweeps the arm one way and him the other. Now at ECTRE side he brings his fist into the side of his stomach. ECTRE tightening bends and turns toward him. Bond prepares to launch a knee to the head.)

(ECTRE pulls head away while bring body around.)

?man? calls for more

ECTRE says: Don't kill em..

During ?man? repeats what ECTRE Says

(Bonds as can kick catches ECTRE in chest and shoulder) As ECTRE goes over Bond arm on the goes toward the charging man's armpit while ducking. He keeps pushing up on the arm. (The man is trying to stay with his arm.??? He can't put his foot down hard enough to have a balanced stop yet.) Bond pulls arm out comes around and gives the guy a push kick to the butt as ?man? is trying to stop. This throws ?man? off balance and he ends up diving forward.)

(Off camera hiden by the chair back. Part of chair set isn't there.)

(The ?man? does a neck snapped flop)

(Second third and forth man enter.)

Forth man tells You two get him.

(Bond is still stretched out from the kick and now looking at ?man?.)(Getting up only tells them you know what your going to do.)

(Bond uses stance to move so one man is blocked out by the first. He moves still like he's going to back off. He grabs first the off side wrist of the first man. Motion down and accross. Then pushes hard on the head with the other hand. Puching him into the waist of the second. Bond ?lunjs? to punch third man. Bond looks at hand as it comes back. Breath. Third man goes down with second on top.) Half stomps second. Who rolls off third.)

(In the middle the Forth man goes to ECTRE. Arrives in middle of two and threes action. ECTRE is up to his kness but shaky. ECTRE shakes he away and he goes to the phone.)

PA says To blank room now......

Bond moves on toward ECTRE who is still not up.


(Bond steps back. Head goes down tightening to one side. Then pops up straight.)

(Bond still backing. FOURTH kicks straight forward toward ?waist?. Bond blocks down and away toward side. Second Fourth fast kicks is from strong side. Bonds block is push off held down. Fourth third is from othet side. Bond the same style block. Fourth Smiles KICK leap no follow through on first foot out. Bond just come out with one hand. FOURTH second leg is coming over the top. Bond second hand comes under it and the other follows once it's caught. This is the fake kick where the second is a head shot. It is different frome the guys move California. His was rapid punches followed by head shot kick. FOURTH comes down hard.)

(Bond has one moment to think it's over.)

(The other door crashs open then a man steps into doorway of first door waving come on.)

(Bond wants ECTRE badly Bond tries racing towards ECTRE to finnish him before. But all he can do is knock him down. The method is Bo Knows to back of calf then shoulder. Then of course back. Looking both ways. (Why wave come on? The look that goes with it. NOW!)

(Bond starts a strong walk as his charge. Blank fades.)

Paniced screaming starts coming from other two. SAYING ?Stop him? ?Stop him? So we can get him?(Effect?)

(Blank qick checks hall. Then to late throws himself at Bond. Not a clue what he's doing. Bond tries punch again. Works but stings. Lets hang open as he turns toward the two. Slight stretching of fingers.)

(Goes for what looks like a run for the door. Table stops their charge. It's out somewhere amoung the bodies. Control action.)

(Decides on quick shift as he sees how they are coming. TWO or Bob has his ankle. Off camera. Never off camera Bob you know what happens when your off camera. Bond leg won't move glances down brings heel back near other foot. Snaps Bob's Neck. That's alfright Bob Keep trying you must always keep trying. First position in front of two and three than quick to behind One and chair.)

(Last second is still as effective.)(ECTRE is again up to his knees.)


((Try again to handicap or block out first's motion.))

(Bond's got first or six having to go over body of one. While unlucky seven is behind chair.) (It's a hell of a time to realise here is where Old Bond wants to be. Six is raging. Seven starts out three feet around otherside of chair.

Bond one quick step looks to be going, then pushes off slamming the chair down. Right back into six with one punch then the power punch. Drops six and arm just drops. Bond head scream turns to find Seven half stuck over chair. Camera comes in to show look on Bonds face. More anger and embraement ?little? than pain. HOLDING ARM KICK AGAIN.

Behind Bond ECTRE SAYS: You've made a mess of my plans MR. BOND.

(Bond turns to see him looking fairly solid.) (MOTION SEEMING ALITTLE HEAVY. BUT IT'S LATE.

(Passing looks down at FOURTH)

ECTRE SAYS: I've always like hateing you MR. BOND. Sometimes it's hard though.

(ECTRE smiles then it fades he looks over Bond)(ECTRE'S eyes stop on Bond's hand. The kncukes are red and there's some blood from SIX.)

ECTRE says You used your fists MR. BOND and I missed it. Several of them couldn't take a hit from you.

(Bond is now backing up.)

(ECTRE stops and smiles)

ECTRE says I have more men than this MR. BOND (ROARS OUT) Get in here now.


(Finally is it over he looks at the bodies on the floor Then at one door then the other and slower and solwer back a forth.)

(He is breathing right below a pant.)

(Finally just moves his head then stops for a fraction of a second. A touch of a smile. Still breathing fairly hard he starts to laugh. He starts to laugh then looks around at them.)

(20 seconds of I did it.)

(He hears the door crash behind him. He turns cold ready.)

(To see OH taking his first fast look around. Not enough time for a good look at him.)

James Bond really the real James Bond says: Good.

(OH prepares to speak)

James says Tell M I'll be in on monday for the paper work.

OH goes around the room stops and stares at how someone is laying. With a how did he do that look.

James Bond on the phone calling a woman.

Bond says: Sorry I've been busy I haven't had time to call. He's a little more up and she actually grows more up with him.

(I couldn't stop laughing exactly. It will be later when I get clubbed that a policeman will comment you did have a big fight back there.)

To Sean Connery as James Bond.

Bob L. Petersen

You make take by adding mistakes but you do give it back.

Bob L. Petersen

Forbidden Planet David Bell stay away One OH MY GOD Please
Bob L. Petersen

James Bond And Ernst Blofeld By The Bob Pendragon Method Bob L. Petersen

James Bond And Ernst Blofeld By The Bob Pendragon Method Bob L. Petersen